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Window Replacements

Window Services

Affordable stucco specializes in all types of window installation into stucco and stone homes. The installation of windows & doors into stucco/stone is a much different process than installing into siding or wood. Proper replacement of water damaged wood gets over looked by contractors a lot of the time do to not being verst on the correct repairs into a stucco/stone system, Just coving the damaged areas up to get the new window installed. This leading to continued water intrusion into the new windows and doors. Affordable stucco offers a wide choice of window brands and styles.


Window Types

  • Bay and Bow

  • Slider

  • Casement and Awning

  • Double Hung

  • Architectural

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Do You Have Stucco or EIFS?

Most homeowners are unsure if their home has been built with traditional stucco or with a synthetic stucco called EIFS. A traditional hard-coat stucco exterior system is strong and durable because it covers your home with a layer of rock. Barrier EIFS on the other hand, uses a multi-layer “synthetic” stucco that is much softer than traditional stucco. If you are unsure which material your home was built with, gives a call and we can help create a repair plan for your home.

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