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EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System)

EIFS Services

When properly installed, your stucco will last for years. However, sometimes it must be completely removed because of improper flashings, defective windows, sheathing and framing damage due to water intrusion, or a variety of other reasons. Before beginning any stucco remediation project, we request a thorough stucco/moisture report which provides a comprehensive evaluation to determine the necessary scope of repairs or replacements. If can provide a few names of reputable companies to assist in preparing the report. Please contact us for further information.

Looking for EIFS?

Most homeowners are unsure if their home has been built with traditional stucco or with a synthetic stucco called EIFS. A traditional hard-coat stucco exterior system is extremely strong and durable because it essentially covers your home with a layer of rock. Barrier EIFS on the other hand, uses a multi-layer “synthetic” stucco that is much softer than traditional stucco. If you are unsure which material your home was built with, give our team a call and we can help create a repair plan for your home.

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