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Top 5 Common Stucco Repair Services You Need To Know

Stucco is a commonly used exterior material due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. However, despite its resilience, it is not immune to damage. It can sustain defects and deformations due to age, weather, improper installation, etc. These issues can negatively impact a building’s appearance and pose a risk to its structural integrity. This is where stucco repair services come in.

Stucco experts have the skills and knowledge necessary to handle various stucco-related issues, from minor cracks to severe water damage. They can also provide customized solutions tailored to the particular needs of a building to ensure its longevity.

Here are the five most common stucco repair services that you should be aware of:

1. Filling Cracks and Holes

Cracking and hole development are typical structure problems due to weather, settling, or impact. If not dealt with immediately, these gaps can deteriorate, causing significant damage to the building. Moisture penetration is also a crucial risk that comes with cracks and holes. As water penetrates through the openings, it can seep into the walls of a structure and create an environment for molds.

Stucco experts can tackle these problems by filling the cracks and holes. They use specific tools and materials to cover the openings and prevent moisture infiltration. This can stop further damage to the building, maintain the integrity of the wall, and enhance the overall look.

2. Fixing Discoloration

Stucco discoloration can make the exterior of your home or building appear outdated and unattractive. This issue commonly arises from prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture, and other environmental elements. Discoloration could also signify more severe problems, including water infiltration, mold growth, or structural issues.

Professional stucco repair services can eliminate discoloration by identifying the root of the problem and applying an appropriate solution. For instance, if the stains are caused by grime, dirt, or pollutants, a thorough pressure washing may be required to remove them. Meanwhile, if the discoloration is due to oxidation, a new coat of paint or tinting can restore its original color.

3. Addressing Water Damage

Water can seep through the tiniest gaps and crevices and penetrate a building’s internal structure. This can result in the stucco’s decline and mold and mildew growth. Repair services can address water damage by locating the source of the water infiltration. First, they will inspect the stucco and surrounding areas to determine whether the roof or other building components are leaking. Then, they will replace the damaged area with new plaster.

4. Patching Damaged Areas

Stucco repair services commonly use patching to fix minor to moderate damage. They will evaluate the extent of the damage to determine the most effective repair method. The area surrounding the cracks or damages will then be cleaned and prepared for repair. Examples of patching stucco include using a repair compound, applying a new layer, and utilizing a plaster kit.

5. Painting and Re-Sealing

Environmental factors can damage stucco, but resealing and painting can improve its appearance and provide protection by adding an extra layer of defense. Professional repair services can perform the necessary repairs and guide you in selecting the right type of sealant or paint. They can also guarantee that the repaired area is properly maintained to ensure optimal protection over time.

Achieve the Best Stucco Repair and Replacement Services

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