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Stucco Repair vs. Remediation for Cracks: What’s the Difference?

Updated: Apr 5

Stucco is a construction material made of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. Because cement is one of its components, stucco is often used as a more durable alternative to wood and plaster. That said, structures made of stucco still need to be checked for cracks that require repair or remediation.

Reparation and remediation are often seen as synonymous, but they are not interchangeable. This article delves into the differences between stucco repair vs. remediation for cracks. Read on to know which process your structure needs. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Between Stucco Repair vs. Remediation for Cracks

When it comes to stucco maintenance, you can choose between two processes to address damage: repair and remediation. Both processes involve fixing cracks in your stucco, but they are vastly different.

Stucco repairs tackle damage on the surface. This process fixes minor cracks, restoring any damaged stucco to good condition. On the other hand, stucco remediation addresses the underlying reasons for stucco damage. This is a more extensive process that requires more time, money, and skill.

Knowing the distinction between these two processes is essential to picking the right one for your next maintenance project. Here are the differences that you can take into consideration:

1. Cost of Services

Because repairs take less time and labor, they are much cheaper than remediation. You can opt for repairs if the damage is easy to fix, such as shallow cracks. Repairs are also cost-effective if you require simple touch-ups to improve the aesthetics of your stucco.

On the other hand, remediation requires more time and expert laborers, so expect to pay more for this process. However, the price will be well worth it, as it addresses the root problem of damage, leading to fewer repairs down the line.

2. Type and Intensity of Damage

If the damage to your stucco is significant, remediation is necessary. It includes an extensive inspection of your structure and the replacement or removal of anything detrimental to it. This process is especially important if the issue involves mold or moisture.

Repairs are less rigorous, so it’s the best choice for dealing with minor fixes. These include resealing stucco around windows and doors, treating hairline cracks, and fixing damage that doesn’t involve mold or moisture.

3. Process Speed and Urgency

Stucco repairs are often quick because they only deal with cosmetic or surface-level repairs. Depending on the type of damage and the area of stucco to be treated, this process typically lasts four to 12 hours. This guarantees less disruption to your schedule and day-to-day activities.

On the other hand, remediation can take much longer, as it often requires tearing down and replacing whole stucco systems. The process can require anywhere between 10 and 18 days. You can stay home while remediation is underway, but it’s important to account for the noise and increased foot traffic around your property.

Choose Affordable Stucco Services for Your Stucco Repair and Remediation Needs in Delaware

Now that you know how to differentiate stucco repair vs. remediation for cracks, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions for your property’s maintenance. Though they are two completely different processes, both are necessary for keeping your stucco in good condition.

At Affordable Stucco Services, the longevity of your stucco is our priority. We’ve been providing stucco maintenance and installation services around Delaware for over a decade. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

Contact us today at 302-442-0795 to schedule your stucco repair or remediation!

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