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Stucco Maintenance: Keeping Your Exterior Looking Impeccable

Stucco is a classic exterior finish that adds timeless beauty to any home. It's cost-effective, easy to apply, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. However, like any surface, stucco can erode and fade over time.

Fortunately, you can keep your stucco in good condition with a few tips. Here are 4 key maintenance reminders to keep your exterior looking flawless:

1. Clean Stucco With A Pressure Washer

Stucco is a very porous material that absorbs stains from moisture, dust, and other outdoor elements. Over time, accumulated dirt can make it look filthy and drab, especially if it has lighter paint colors. Thus, it requires regular cleaning.

Most homeowners can use a mild detergent and bristle brush to keep stains at bay. However, you can use a pressure washer for a more time-effective solution. It allows for easier and faster cleaning than a garden hose, removing built-up dirt and stubborn stains from the surfaces.

Follow pressure washing best practices to prevent damage to your stucco and avoid injury. Generally, you want to stand up to 24 inches from the wall and point the nozzle at a 40-degree angle from the surface. Also, wear safety gear such as eye protection to prevent accidents.

2. Inspect Your Exterior Regularly

Stucco may be durable, but it's not impenetrable by the elements. Performing regular inspections allows you to detect potential problems early. With quick intervention, you can avoid more serious stucco damage and costly repairs while ensuring a secure building for years.

Ideally, you should inspect your stucco twice a year, especially before the changing season. If you don't have the time or don't know what to look for, it’s recommended to hire experts to do a comprehensive stucco inspection.

3. Repair Cracks and Holes

As stucco ages, cracks, chips, and holes develop on its surface. Not only are these unsightly, but they can also compromise the overall integrity of your home. No matter how minor, these crevices allow moisture in and cause water damage and mold growth. Hence, if not fixed promptly, the fissures will grow, inviting pests inside your home.

Fortunately, most cracks can be fixed with a bit of caulking. Hairline cracks are nothing to worry about since they naturally occur as the foundation settles. Meanwhile, larger holes and crevices can be sealed with a waterproof acrylic caulk. On the other hand, any gaps larger than ⅛ wide are best left to a stucco repair company.

4. Repaint the Surface

Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, fading stucco paint is inevitable. It can even become extremely stained or discolored, impacting your overall curb appeal. Luckily, stucco finish is easy to repaint.

Use only paint graded for outdoor applications to ensure long-lasting application. These paints are typically labeled as "masonry," "acrylic," or "elastomeric" paint. Additionally, outdoor paints are often formulated to double as a sealant, providing fresh color and long-term protection against moisture and water damage.

Maintaining Stucco With Affordable Stucco Services

Staying on top of stucco maintenance can stop minor issues and keep your exterior in tip-top shape for years. If you need help with your stucco maintenance, rely on Affordable Stucco Services! We are happy to help with cleaning, resealing, repainting, or any other maintenance job you may need.

Call us today at 302-442-0795 and let us refresh your home’s exterior!

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